The Milk Hill, 2001, revelation, and the truth behind the 9/11 conspiracy


updated: November 9th, 2006


© Neil Hudson Newman

This site evolved from a lecture delivered to The Saunière Society - on October 22, 2005 - by the author.


 He believes he has definitive proof that the massive Milk Hill crop circle, of 2001 - and a nearby ring structure - constituted an extraterrestrial warning to mankind.

   He has discovered how, 30 days before the 9/11 attacks on the US, the main crop circle defined a range of accurate details about the event: its date; the geographical coordinates of the respective attack sites and their precise relationship to the circle's centre; together with other data that pertains to the four flights involved.

And he suggests that as it is clear that this information had not been intended to help us avoid the assaults, it must have constituted an invitation to scrutinise each incident retrospectively … a process that would expose the now well documented anomalies that fostered the conspiracy theory.

 So Newman contends that the real conspirators had nothing directly to do with the White House.

He is convinced that the crop circles' extraterrestrial builders interfered with the respective incidents because they wanted the West's urgent attention: they were warning our intransigent leaders that if they continue to ignore the legitimate grievances that gave rise to Islamic terrorism [now fuelled by the recent Lebanon carnage]

the world will soon face Armageddon.


 And he states that 'The most pressing of those grievances pertain to Palestine, where the rights and aspirations of more than five million displaced and disenfranchised men, women and children are being ignored in a shameful way because of the West's guilt about the heinous crimes of the holocaust.'


 He also contends that the crop circle builders' communicative methodology was of child-like simplicity and their profound message should have been digested and acted upon by those entrusted with our national security.

Indeed, he shall use this simple website to show just how easily the Milk Hill formations - and their obvious 'fan' - could have been read by someone who wanted to understand them.

The background

On the 224th day of 2001 i.e. August 12, a special event occurred in the history of crop circles. At a remote site called Milk Hill - in Wiltshire, England - a 409-circled structure was found in a field of wheat and many informed commentators believe it was [and still is] the biggest crop formation the world has seen [each of its 6 spokes measured, from the structure's centre, about 212 yards]. But near to this superb edifice, in the same field, a much smaller ring formation was also found. This second structure, however, failed to evoke much attention from the crop circle fraternity [few people knowing even the date of its discovery]. And as far as I'm aware just one researcher, Peter Sorensen, published a photograph on the Internet that highlighted both formations:-



the ostensibly innocuous 1-ringed structure which sat at the field's eastern extremity and was ignored by most analysts


the huge 409-circled structure whose     impressive proportions captured the world's attention



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