Les Sentiers des Dieux, Pathways of the Gods, Volume 1


In this analytical work Newman endeavours to show that the so-called Rennes-le-Château mystery can be solved once certain popular but false assumptions about the knowledge and accomplishments of our distant ancestors are ignored. Having proved that the former Visigothic occupants of the region had had a knowledge of geodesy he starts to show how they'd used this attribute to hide a treasure trove.


He contends that The Da Vinci Code, which is based on the Rennes-le-Château mystery, is cleverly engrained with detailed information that's set out in his book ... including the geographical coordinates of an important site he defines, near the French village. And he points out that Dan Brown let us all know that his ingenious novel contains such a hidden agenda: he awarded a prize - of a trip to France - to the individual who could find, on the US book's dust jacket, the values of a latitude and longitude that were hidden there!


Copies can still be obtained

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people whose boundless energy and steadfast determination have ensured that the crop circle subject has not been swept under the carpet.


I'm also especially indebted to Philip Farrants and Jeff Glanville. ... Philip first told me about the main Milk Hill structure's existence and he later managed to find the time, amongst all his other activities, to set up this website. Jeff drew my attention both to Peter Sorensen's all-important 'Ring Signature' and to the superlative Crop Circle Connector website. The intriguing accounts of his mother, Thelma, about his mysteriously 'acquired' Daleks also persuaded me to use them in my presentation.


My personal appreciation likewise goes to the three individuals whose excellent and painstakingly acquired photographs have been shown on this site:-'


 Lucy Pringle -  http://www.lucypringle.co.uk/

Steve Alexander - http://www.temporarytemples.co.uk/

Peter Sorensen - http://www.petersorensen.com/


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