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Having been persuaded to survey the massive Milk Hill circle, of 2001, because it appeared to contain expressions of ancient geodetic constants that were described in his recent book, the author, a longstanding crop-circle sceptic, was stunned at what he discovered. He was left in no doubt that whoever had designed and built the structure had been more knowledgeable and able than anyone he'd ever worked with as a professional engineer.


Some weeks after his survey, his interest in the Milk Hill circle was rekindled when the terror attacks of September 11 shook America. …


As it appeared that three sites - the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and an unknown venue - had been targeted by the terrorists, a cold shiver ran down his spine when the FBI reported that 19 individuals had hi-jacked the respective aircraft.


On the one hand, he knew that the Koran tells us that the numbers 3 and 19 are closely linked to what are termed the 'fires of Hell' i.e. 'the fire' has 3 shadows and is guarded by 19 angels.


On the other hand, having concluded that the date of the cited outrages was being inferred at Milk Hill, in a simple way [explained in the lecture], he noted that when 3 of the structure's closed loops of circles are shaded, to produce a drawing that resembles the blades of a fan, the 3 blades are encompassed by 19 of the structure's main circles, as shown below [where the small satellite circles are omitted]:-


3 shadows

and 19 wardens [= 6+6+6+1]


In other words, it was apparent that the crop circle not only highlights the date of the US atrocities, but it also embodies the means of displaying two numbers … 3 & 19 … that were intimately linked to both the terrorist operation and two Koranic details about Hell.


And it seemed unlikely to be just a coincidence that, on 9/11, 2001, 3 shadows of Hell were cast over the United States as the result of the actions of 19 dedicated followers of Islam.


At first there seemed no way of proving that the corn circle builders had expected us to take note of the described links that exist between the Koranic verses, the events of September 11 and the depicted diagram. However, when the author decided to isolate each of the 3 shadows shown on that diagram and examine, in turn, the tallies of circles associated with them, he soon beheld a set of relationships he will never forget. …


Within minutes he'd discovered simple and elegant expressions of the geographical coordinates of three familiar points:-


one that lies outside the Capitol building of Washington DC

one that sits within the west walls of the Pentagon

and one that sits on the perimeter of the square where the World Trade Centre once stood


And this also revealed that the respective corn-circle-derived values of the cited geographic parameters must have been expressed in terms of the same map datum that his map sources, Mapquest and Google Earth, use.


His final revelation - reserved for the question time, after the lecture - concerned a relationship that exists between the corn circle and the number 5766, which equals the current year in the Jewish calendar and, according to the author of the Bible Code books, Michael Drosnin, is linked, within the Torah, to the words End of Days. Newman shall place this information - together with additional analysis and comment - on another website, dedicated to the Bible Code, that he's about to set up:


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